“Karyn O’Beirne’s Finding from the Hunting Party’s Scout takes the reader on a journey where we witness her innermost searching and questions. We also observe the many unique ways she receives an answer from her intuition, higher Self, the unknown, or God. The book’s journey is comparable to traveling with a close friend with access to their diary and their innermost thoughts. “Karyn opens her Self literally to examination bringing herself and the reader into awareness of the depth of her emotions and spiritual yearnings.

Karyn’s words help the reader to understand the transition and incorporation of a spiritual life into the everyday mundane. Her words serve as a guiding light to remind the reader to live deliberately, appreciate your loved ones for whom they are, and your circumstances as they are. Her words create a desire in the reader to find their own Truth, that we are the creators of our own lives, and to be receptive and open to the Divine in each of us.

 “This journey leads us to the discovery that the search never ends ‘just keep hunting’, whether we are visiting foreign lands or right in our own back yard. Karyn’s findings are uniquely her own, yet universally a part of each of us. Go along for the journey, it’s worth the trip, and you never know, you may find a little of your-Self along the way.”

—Amy Okrepkie, Owner, Healing Touch Wellness Center, LLC 

“Karyn invites us on a spiritual journey and vision quest—a captivating personal challenge that lifts us off the story-teller’s page into a modern hero’s inner life of global adventure and self discovery. Departing on a passage of fate, she leaves her worried-working, soccer-mom-life to become a seeker of integrity, asking, ‘What is life really for?’ “With the support of family, faith and friends, she takes up the spiritual artist’s task.

She paints colorful portraits of transformational workshops, painful self study, remarkable meditations, lucid dreaming, and sacred journeys to holy sites most people only yearn for. Globe-trotting Karyn discovers in the journey that her home life holds the answers to her desperate questions. She reveals her intimate struggle with the mother who left her — and recovers a cherished respect for family lost and family found. She ultimately learns to consciously choose trust over self hatred and despair.

Karyn battles our collective human compulsions and distractions — our old dream habits of playing small, while blaming and complaining away our responsibility to stretch ourselves and grow. She resists falling backward into self limiting darkness. Karyn captures lightning in a bottle — arriving at spiritual maturity as a Dream Warrior. Her weapons of choice are words to spread the light of human concern — showering kindness and non-judgment on life’s ordinary lessons. Her epic voyage ends in her initiation as a writer and minister.”

—Ken Nelson, Ph.D., trainer of transformational
workshop leaders worldwide

Praise for Findings from the Hunting Party’s Scout

 ​“Delightful, breezy, enchanting to read! Karyn, in this, her first book, details one woman’s midlife search to find spirit and meaning in life. A successful professional with a devoted husband, two great kids, and a lovely home, nevertheless, she knows that life can offer her more. Her corporate job is not satisfying yet affords her a lifestyle she is not quite ready to give up. “Karyn’s journey from ‘soccer mom’ and financial consultant to author and worship service leader, evolves because she knows she is a messenger of a deeper truth or reality. Her story will reach many men and women who also feel this ache of separation and hunger for spirituality.

 Like Elizabeth Gilbert in the very successful Eat, Pray, Love, Karyn brings us on a wonderful rich journey of shamans, meditation teachers, writing and career coaches, psychotherapists, mystery school teachers and to places as diverse as pyramids in Egypt, castles in Southern France, Stonehenge in England, and to Tennessee, California and New York. Her search leads her to find peace in her own backyard and the life she has created. So many will be enchanted and inspired by her journey. “I can’t wait to hear more about the next stages of Karyn’s journey.”

—Allie Roth, Career and Life Coach,
Director, Center for Creativity and Work

“As I read Karyn’s book, I was immediately drawn into her faith-filled journey. By the time I had finished reading, I realized that her story was a catalyst for the revitalization of my own journey.”

 —The Reverend Hope Johnson, Minister, Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Central Nassau, Garden City, NY) 

“Author Karyn O’Beirne captures the real essence of a woman’s transformational journey through a collection of remarkable stories of courage, love, gratitude and acceptance. Findings from the Hunting Party’s Scout will spur you inward for fresh discovery. A journey guaranteed to awaken the Soul, unleash your creative power and enlighten your aliveness.”

—Marsh Engle, Creative Life Consultant, Author & Founder of Amazing Woman’s Day 

“With humor, commitment to naked truth, and richly detailed stories both ordinary and extraordinary, Karyn O’Beirne chronicles her personal evolution in consciousness as again and again she slips between the veil that seems to separate the human self from the Divine Self, each time bringing back more of the Divine to infuse the human experience. We are the Hunting Party, and Karyn is a wise and delightful Scout.”

—Gloria Jean, co-author of The Marriage of Sex & Spirit, Relationships at the Heart of Conscious Evolution

         In writing about what I had found on my spiritual journey, I tried to select only those moments, adventures and insights that spoke of a larger truth. At first writing the book seemed ridiculous, and then it became a compulsion and finally a labor of love.  Love for the world, love for myself and a strong desire to share the joy I had found. 
            It seemed miraculous that these wonders could happen to an ordinary woman, a working mother and soccer mom with a mini-van.  And as my journey continued I knew it was a miracle that anybody and everybody can experience.  I felt a compassion for everyone like me who might be suffering from the lack of spiritual nourishment that our western consumer culture cultivates.  With this book I hope to encourage the reader to take the first steps in your own spiritual journey so that you may find and live a spiritual existence with the same assurance you live a physical life.
  In joy & gratitude, Karyn

I am that star shining down at me - only now I am here.

Before the light made its way to me, I was a star shining brightly in space.

I am receiving my own illuminations.

Only the distance of time makes me believe I am one or the other.

Both are different points of perception; time created by distance makes form appear separate.

I appear separate from the stars.  But I am not.  My perception is limited by my human form.

My soul is not.  My soul is boundless, everywhere and nowhere at once.

In infinity, my soul waits for the slow dawning of awareness that is me.      pg 194

Karyn O'Beirne