Karyn O'Beirne

​Spiritual Lessons of Groundhog Day - Spiritual lessons come in all guises, today we will look at the lessons Bill Murray needed to learn in the movie Ground Hog Day. Life is a creative adventure and help is everywhere if we look.

Communion of Elements - Water is but one element that is held sacred by many religious traditions around the world.  Join us in a communion of elements and honor the earth, wind, fire and water within yourself and the world we inhabit

Why does it feel so good to be bad? - Fat Tuesday and the gentler Holi Hindu festival allow revelers to play naughty while preparing to pay homage to the idea of good conquering evil and resurrection over death.  Celebrate and contemplate our complex and conflicting beliefs about life, goodness and human nature.

Our Roots in Yom Kippur - Western religion has deep roots, going back thousands of years to the early days of Judaism.  Yom Kippur, a High Holy Day, is part of our collective religious heritage.  We explore its meaning as part of our more modern day efforts to live a UU principled life. 

Blessing of the Animals - We celebrate the special relationships we have with our non-human friends.  Sometimes our best teachers of a principled life are our pets!  Bring your special friend for this congregational favorite worship service, and recognize the blessings of animals in our life.

I have written and shared more than 100 Reflection services with various congregations on Long Island.  I've led organizational vision quest workshops as well as Spiritual Exploration seminars & discussions.  Below is a sampling of the topics I can easily share with your congregation, group or organization.

Revisiting the Creation Story through a Non-Dual Lens - In the Beginning ...You already know that one, or do you? Hearing an ancient story from a different perspective brings new meaning to who and what we are. 

The Nature of God - God means many things to many people.  What is the true nature of God?

Who is the Narrator of Your Life? - Spiritual lessons disguised as entertainment could describe the movie Stranger than Fiction.  Performed with an eclectic cast , this story has gems of wisdom for all of us.  Join us as we hold these gems up in worship.

So Many Traditions, How to Honor them and Our Own Faith - We can honor many faiths for their wisdom and religious traditions.  March alone has 19 religious holidays and 7 secular reverence days.  What is the gift that underlies them all and how we can receive the gift together? 

Can I Just Be? - Have your New Year’s resolutions already lost steam?  Diet vows been broken and self-help ideas fallen by the wayside?  Maybe we need permission and time to just be for a while before we plunge into the New Year

Thomas Moore's Writing in the Sand, Jesus and the Gospels - What a difference a translation makes.  The Gospels translated from the original Greek offer a radically different perspective on the Christian sacred texts.  Hear a different take on the "Good News" .