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  Workshop Leaders Karyn O'Beirne & Liza Johnson 

 Karyn, an ordained Open Faith minister has over 13 years experience and is the author of Findings from the Hunting Party’s Scout. She has studied with world renowned teachers for over 16 years including Don Miquel Ruiz, (The Four Agreements) Adyashanti (Spontaneous Awaking), Caroline Myss, (Anatomy of Spirit) and Gangaji (Freedom & Resolve).

 Liza is a practicing certified Gestalt therapist, licensed Marriage Family therapist and author of Take Me Home: Walking on Sacred Ground in the Last Stage of Life.  She is a graduate of the International Institute for the study of Dreams and Imagery. She has led numerous workshops on personal growth, spirituality and mythology and has studied Jungian dream work, Alchemy, and Shamanism
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           From the Inside Out

Access Your Deeper Wisdom and bring

peace, greater clarity and authentic

purpose to your life.  Our guiding

wisdom lies just beneath our

ordinary consciousness.  This resource

of wisdom allows you to step outside

your ordinary way of thinking. 

A sense of being guided and

accompanied is experienced as you

learn ways to access this realm. 

This series of workshops will offer

techniques and group experience to

access this Inner Guiding Wisdom

The second in a series of Workshops begins             

This Workshop has been Postponed          
Next Date is TBD

 ​I Am                         

Manipura Chakra                   

The Seat of Personal Power              

Your 3rd or Solar Plexus Chakra is the energy center of your Power & Self-Worth. This energy center is the key to having the capacity to take the steps needed to access and direct your personal power.  Learn to clear and then listen to this essential energy as you continue your unique journey while opening to its many gifts.


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Karyn O'Beirne