Baby Blessings & Naming Ceremonies 

Dear little one                                by Rev. Karyn O'Beirne

May you cherish your family’s love all of your life.
May you prosper in life’s most precious gifts, friends, family, community and belonging.
May you live with an open and vulnerable heart, grow in wisdom and discernment.
May you discover your gifts early and have the opportunity to share them with rest of humanity.
May your path on this earth enliven your spirit and may you find a spiritual home in the lap of God.

Dearest one,

May you engage with life and not fear it.

May you Laugh often, love freely and honor the light that lives within you this day and forever more

.I bless you in  the light of love that is our God.

Here in…. by Sandra E. McBride
Here in my heart, your name is love.
Here in my voice, your name is Joy.
Here in my hands, your name is Hope.
Here in my mind, your name is Faith.
Here in my soul, your name is Life.
Here in this world, beloved child of God,
your name is

Your baby's name

Karyn O'Beirne