Karyn O'Beirne

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We can support and guide each other, however some people are gifted teachers and counselors.  Below are teachers I have been on retreat with or attended their intensive.

Adyashanti                             Omega, Garrison Institute
Gangaji                                   Omega
Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche       Omega, Open Center NYC
Don Miguel Ruiz                 Omega, Asilomar
Thomas Moore                    Omega
Megan Don                          Omega
Deepak Chopra                    Omega
Carolyn Myss                       Omega
Miranda MacPherson           One Spirit Learning Alliance
David Wallace                      One Spirit Learning Alliance
Jan Phillips                          One Spirit Learning Alliance

Lynda Barry                         Omega

​Rita Rivera                           Omega, Teotihuacan, Asliomar

                                           Mexico; Ireland; France