For too long religions seemed to be supported by women but not for women.  It doesn’t need to be that way.  We are at a time when the possibility for women to explore their personal spiritual journey and aspirations is unbounded.  We can do this from an open faith perspective.  All religious faiths are respected while we delve into the mystical core that sustains us all.

All of our stories are important, whether we’ve lived at the center of grand events or in the quiet of anonymity. Sharing our stories helps us see the movement of the spirit within our lives. If we don’t tell our stories to each other, we lose the opportunity to find what binds us together, as human beings and spiritual beings.

 - Helen Hunt, Faith and Feminism

Karyn O'Beirne

"Deep inside us, however, is an inborn escape hatch.  It’s a love that doesn’t end or waver or make money off us or play games with us or stomp on our hearts.  It’s our spiritual core.  Within it, we exist as cosmic royals:  mothers, sisters, daughters of the sun and moon and stars.  Within this realm, we find God, the Goddess, and our own sweet selves.  Laugh at all of this at your emotional peril."

Marianne Willamson, A Woman's Worth

Women no longer need to be defined by anyone – but first we must free ourselves.  The spiritual path will lead you to a place where you no longer can be constrained or defined by the culture, family, religion or nation you find yourself a part of.